Human Factors Integration

Human Factors Integration covers specific disciplines which evaluate Manpower and Human Factor considerations, across both operational and support areas of a product. The overall objective is to ensure that during product definition and acquisition, full account is taken of the capabilities and limitations of the military and civilian personnel required to operate and maintain the product or facility in-service.

Interactive Technical Solutions Ltd (ITS) engineers have been intimately involved with HFI aspects on numerous programs, not least developing with our Safety Engineers reports to consider the following:

    Degradation of human performance
    Limitations and variability, suitable maintenance environment(s)
    Location and design of controls and displays. The need for and the design of operating and maintenance procedures
    Skill level and training of operators and maintainers
    Lighting, environment, space, humidity etc

As a consequence of any HFI investigation there is an inevitable crossover into areas of Health & Safety (H&S) management. ITS ensures the HFI element is applied to a predetermined system and the report is also dedicated to highlighting the safety implications of operating a system. Recent statistics suggest 80% of accidents may be attributed, at least in part, to actions or omissions of people, consequently it is important to recognise that Human Factors need to be assessed and managed effectively in order to reduce risks.