Technical Documentation

The information necessary to operate, maintain, repair, support and dispose of a product throughout its life. Identify any specified standards to be used for the supply of data for printed copy, Interactive Electronic Technical Publications, fiche, drawings, Computer Aided Design (CAD) data, non-textual data e.g.

  • Purpose and planning Information
  • Operator Information
  • Technical Description
  • Installation Instructions
  • Failure Diagnosis
  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Inspection Standards
  • Servicing Schedules
  • Parts Catalogues
  • Complete Equipment Schedules
  • Modification Instructions
  • Special Instructions

Interactive Technical Solutions Ltd (ITS) has a wealth of experience in the production of Technical Publications; our Technical Authors and Technical Illustrators comprise of ex-armed forces (Tri Service) and industry engineers able to use a variety of recognised specifications and standards including Def Stan 00-601 part 04, AECMA S1000D, ASD/AIA S2000M and ATA 100. Our process of management and production of technical documentation generally follows the recommendations of Def Stan 00-601 part 04 however, more recently we have produced numerous technical manuals in the customer’s bespoke format. Outsourcing production to ITS offers a direct cost saving to producing Technical Documentation in-house. Our experienced workforce has a proven track record of meeting customer requirements to deliver projects on time and on budget.