Supply Support

Supply Support is the processing of the Maintenance Planning data to identify the spares to be included in the Technical Documentation. This process will also determine the quantities of spares to be procured. This involves the following business processes:

    Identification of Items for inclusion in Technical Documentation;
    Close liaison with Technical Documentation to ensure appropriate standards are met;
    Identification of Items for Initial Provisioning (IP);
    Iterative determination of range and scale of spares; including appropriate modelling;
    Screening against existing Inventory to prevent duplication of supply;
    Transfer of Item data to Supply System;
    Procurement of IP and transfer of Contract data to Supply System.

In addition, defence requirement will also require Identification of Items for NATO Codification:

This element is key to ensure that spares are visible for procurement and not left on a shelf, or conversely if an item is identified in the parts catalogue a demanded item is available.

Interactive Technical Solutions Ltd (ITS) engineers use the maintenance planning analysis; map this to existing primary supporting technical documentation, ILS reports and support funding requirements (spares ranging and scaling), including the predicted failure and repair data, to align stock holdings against the requirement for use/ activity; consequently optimising the stock holdings. Our engineers can also analyse additional factors that may have the potential to exert a positive influence (cost saving) on the support solution, not least in determining a range of potential cost effective storage options.