Training and Training Equipment

Trained and qualified operators and maintainers are required to support a product in service.
Requirements for training must be defined and the current skill levels and qualifications of Service support personnel need to be specified. Training needs of support personnel and data for Training Needs Analysis (TNA) will be developed through the SA process.

Interactive Technical Solutions Ltd (ITS) can provide an experienced training team to look at all aspects of training including Training Analysts, Course Developers and Instructors, proficient in providing high quality, cost effective and customer compliant training packages.

For the Defence Sector, our training team is experienced in evaluating requirements to produce training solutions in accordance with Governance and Management of defence individual training, education and skills (JSP 822).

Utilising a Systems Approach to Training (SAT), ITS has the capability to evaluate existing training packages to determine acceptance with required standards (currency, relevance and accuracy).