Integrated Logistic Support Planning

All projects require an Integrated Logistic Support Plan (ILSP) which is a live document that is maintained throughout the project life and will form part of the Support Concept document. It needs to include subordinate plans covering specific project activities and to define all interfaces between the delegated authorities. The ILSP is the total ILS Programme for the project. It is the implementation plan for logistic support. It includes the requirements, tasks, interfaces and milestones for the current phase and plans for the succeeding stages. It shall provide all necessary support inputs to other project documents and papers. It must contain supportability goals, support strategy and all associated plans. Research shows that over the whole life cycle of a product, the cost of acquisition is small compared to the cost of support, both financially and in unavailability of assets during operations. Reliability and Maintainability have large implications on the overall cost of ownership. Thus investment during development or production in these areas will be saved many times over the whole life of the product. ILS is applicable throughout the whole life of a project. The focus changes as the project progresses through the Concept, Assessment, Demonstration, Manufacture, In-Service and Disposal (CADMID) phases of the product life-cycle. The figure below, shows the high level ILS process through CADMID.